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We like to help people with solutions to all their software problems. We develop and build apps, plugins, tools and courses. We provide support and integrate systems.

We often work with small to medium sized design/development agencies who have end clients, marketers, designers and front-end developers but sometimes need more heavy-weight technical skills to get the job done.

We also work with small to medium business clients and directly. We apply a fun, innovative, creative approach that suits entrepreneurs and start-ups.

“You got a job, we can do it, don’t much care what it is.” — Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly


Helping Business Owners

We like to help business owners by providing solutions to all their software problems.


WordPress plugin and theme development for just about every purpose


HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JavaScript for your existing or new website​

Web Apps​

We work with frameworks such as PHP Laravel, ReactJS and Vue.js

Mobile Apps

We develop iOS apps as well as Android apps to suit your business needs

Got an idea for an app?

We can help turn your ideas and concepts into tangible working solutions that are simple and powerful.


The team

Presently, the team is just me. We have some great freelancers to help out when the need arises. We are looking to partner with someone for sales and marketing.

Michelle Earl

Founder & Lead Developer

Want to join forces?

Marketing & Sales

Need help with your existing app or website?

We do repairs, renovations and additions to existing software. We love to find and fix difficult bugs.


in detail

Need help with your next project?

ideas to Products

We help owners turn their ideas and concepts into tangible working solutions that are simple and powerful.


Mobile Ready

We build websites that adapt to any device. We aim to deliver a great user experience in our apps. We also work with Accelerated Mobile Pages  and Progressive Web Apps, helping you remain on Google’s good side.


Made for you

We apply a practical approach to developing solutions for you. We look for the best technology to fit with your project, business needs, budget and capabilities.


We Listen

We spend a lot of time thinking about how best to approach your problem so that we can deliver a great solution. We like to make sure we understand what you need for your project.


Developing WordPress

We aim to help you with your WordPress plugins, themes and integrations.

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Developing Happy Customers


Our Blog

Hints, tips, tutorials, reviews and more.

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Checklist for Creating a New iOS App

There are many steps involved in building an app from idea to completed product. Some of the steps have to be done in a particular order. It helps to have a process so that you don’t forget something crucial… read more

Why Pipeline Management is Like Herding cats

Marketing Consultant Peter B, explains how the SalesInView app makes him money.
If you have one prospective customer you have one point of focus, however when you have more than five or six you need to be a juggler… read more

How to use Slack Draw on Google Chrome to draw in Slack

Slack is a great way to communicate with remote teams. You may want to draw freehand from time to time. This how-to shows how to draw in Slack with a Google Chrome plugin… read more


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