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How to use Slack Draw on Google Chrome to draw in Slack

How to use Slack Draw on Google Chrome to draw in Slack

Step 1

Open (or install) Google Chrome browser. The plugin only works on Chrome.

Step 2

Login to your Slack group, if you haven’t already.

Step 3

Get Slack Draw on the Chrome web store. Click on “Add to Chrome” button in top right corner.

slack draw step 3 - devbackroom

Step 4

Slack Draw needs to be authorized. Go here slack draw step 4 - devbackroom

Step 5

Click on Create token button and then copy the token.

Step 6

Go to Window -> Extensions slack draw step 6 - devbackroom

Step 7

Then select ‘Options’ from Slack Draw. slack draw step 7 - devbackroom

Step 8

Paste in the Token you generated then save. slack draw step 8 - devbackroom

Step 9

Should see the following - click ok. slack draw step 9 - devbackroom

Step 10

Back in Slack - click on the + then ‘Create a drawing'. slack draw step 10 - devbackroom

Step 11

Draw an amazing masterpiece like the following. Give it a title and comment if you want. Then click on share at the bottom right. slack draw step 11 - devbackroom

Step 12

Ta-da and there it is!