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Presently, the team is just me. We have some great freelancers to help out when the need arises. We are looking to partner with someone for sales and marketing.

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My superhero name is Warp Girl. I am an alien, brought to Earth and trapped here by accident. Now, I must use my innate abilities to battle the forces of darkness, while trying to find my way home!

My super power is Dimensional Gateways. My powers give me the ability to create portals, opening doorways in reality to any location that I can clearly visualise. There is no place is off-limits to me!

But seriously...

devbackroom developer

Hi, I’m Michelle. My love of computers and coding goes back a very long way. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and I worked for Fortune 500 companies for many years.

I left the corporate world so that I could pursue my own independent business. I’m still working on my business skills but my coding skills are pretty good or those big companies would never have hired me.

I apply a practical approach to software development. I keep up with the latest new things but I don’t follow trends for the sake of it. I believe the latest and best framework, library, application or whatever is only great when it fits with your project, business needs, budget and capabilities.

There are many ways to accomplish things so I spend a lot of time thinking about how best to approach each problem a client may have so that I can deliver the best solution to them. I like to make sure I understand what each client needs for their project. I’m a little geeky but I am still able to communicate in human well enough.

My background, training and innovative nature allow me to do some pretty amazing things with systems and code. I’m pretty straightforward too so if you want your website to make toast, I could probably make that happen but I will tell you to buy a toaster.

Want to join forces?

We are looking to partner with someone for sales and marketing.

Digital marketing
  • Do you have great sales and marketing skills?
  • Do you have great seo and social media marketing skills?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial and independent spirit?
  • Would you describe yourself as fun, innovative, creative and driven?
  • Do you want to create something of your own but are you missing the "techie" side of the equation?
  • Are you happy to start from "potential" and build towards your dreams?
  • If you answered "yes" to these questions please get in touch.

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